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Cerman.power+ -New Gen High-Energy Battery Cell Development & Consulting

Cerman.power+ Battery has supported and developed a new high-energy large format class Ah lithium-ion pouch cell Gen to meet the demands of industrial and automotive manufacturers seeking increased EV range and operating time, battery to structure.

“The reference is global leading car manufacturer in Greater China, Asia”,
Our new calls energy cell addresses the need for increased safety, reliability and less CO2 consumption in production,  enhanced operating range and reduced charging time.

But currently we make them on pilot -line in Korea”, said Manager of Cerman.power+ Battery, Tim Schaefer in Nordhausen-Thuringia, a former director in Li-Tec Battery. Cerman.power+ Battery was founded in end of 2020 for new cell projects, one partner is Envites Energy.
This new Gen of cells, based on high Ni-Mn Material, offers 3,7 V and in one prismatic design-in energy density over 260 Wh/kg. There is a Pouch type B-sample provided to OEM, prismatic developed, offers >600 Wh/ltr., in future is about Si-Graphite Material 2023 >300 Wh/kg. But remarkable cells are made under so called Troika-process, a patent by Envites Energy. New cell design is thin, cy. 10 cm width and over 50 cm long, for instance >75 Ah in single cell. This new cell Gens, we are offer consulting service as well, are specially designed for energy-intensive applications and are safer. The cells use materials, including separator, electrolyte, and active material,  that allow for longer lifetime, high cycle life and fast charge capability. The high volumetric density, combined with their high cycle stability, make these cells suited for heavy-duty applications such as buses and trucks as well, while more supporting current developments in battery space by EV car developers.

In cooperation we are of course able to develop mass production, it is possible in Germany.


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